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Raju is a 26-year old from a remote area in Northeastern India. He lives with his parents, wife and two toddlers in a small house with electricity and running water available for a couple hours a day. The family has a small piece of land; they grow the food they eat. Raju works as a driver and makes $150 per month, enough to provide essentials for his family. There is nothing left over for any savings. 


When he is diagnosed with leukemia, Raju’s local doctor knows there are no specialized cancer centers within a few hundred miles of his home. He suggests the family go to Mumbai. Raju’s home is as far away from Mumbai as Chicago is from Orlando. 


Raju and his father arrive in Mumbai broke, after a long journey. With just a $350 micro-grant from the Soondra Foundation, Raju gets antibiotics to ward off a life-threatening infection and to fund his first round of chemo. Our initial $350 micro-grant has allowed Raju to access other contributions while he is an inpatient. With the social workers’ help, over time Raju can receive ~ $8,000 to fight his cancer.

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The grantee’s name has been changed to protect their identity.