Dilip is a 27-year old farmer from a remote area in Northeastern India. He lives with his parents in a small house with electricity and running water available only for a few hours a day. As the only son, Dilip shoulders the responsibility of caring for his parents as they age. 

The family has a small piece of land; they grow tomatoes and cabbages, which they sell or barter for the food they eat. With Dilip barely making ends meet, saving is not an option. Once Dilip is diagnosed with blood cancer, he knows he will not be able to afford the fees. On top of this, there are no specialized cancer centers within a thousand miles of his home. Their home is as far away from Mumbai as Chicago is from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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His mother and him make the 2-day journey for treatment. Once in Mumbai, he receives a ~$300 micro-grant from the Soondra Foundation, providing antibiotics and chemo which are crucial to his recovery. With help from partner social workers, Dilip is now able to connect with local NGOs and receive more money over the next few months to fight off his cancer once and for all. 


The grantees’ names have been altered to protect their privacy.